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TURK DELTA is one of the leading names in the business of composite pipes design, engineering, supply, prefabrication, installation, hydro testing, inspection, maintenance and repair works. We conceive, design and manufacture composite piping solutions relied up on by Oil & Gas, Water and Marine & Offshore industries.

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Industry Focus

We ensures Industry Focus by Keeping up with the industry and involving the industry. We utilize the best equipment, materials, and components in the industry and we are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all Client requirements.



We will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We strive to find the solution with the most effective cost and the highest performance possible. This ensures the excellence of our offerings.



The company is organised and plans for health and safety effectively, ensuring safe places and safe systems of work are provided and maintained. Our goal is to provide our staff with the knowledge and training needed to work safely with composite piping systems.



Our company enjoys high credibility in dealing with clients. We place honesty and transparency at the top of our priorities, as we strive to provide outstanding and reliable customer service. We believe in the importance of honest and forthright communication

Why us

We manufacture pipes because they are a vital part of many industries and applications

strength and durability


Corrosion resistant


Cost saving


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Our Mission

To be a world class fibre glass piping servicing company in marine industry in Europe and Middle East.

Our Vision

To be a contemporary organization in fibre glass piping industry for design, engineering, prefabrication, installation, maintenance and repair.

Our Quality Policy

TURK DELTA is engaged in the business of composite pipes design, engineering, supply, prefabrication, installation, hydro testing, inspection, maintenance and repair works. this work will be fulfilled in accordance with our own high expectations and goals which are:

Core Values

We believe that integrity forms the foundation of our relationships with our clients and partners. We are committed to high ethical standards and transparency in every interaction we undertake.

Our Services

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Engineering Support

Turk Delta provides engineering services through our in-house capabilities and in collaboration with our specialized Engineering Partners. Some of the services we offer to our Clients are: Consulting and providing technical advice and review on the design, manufacturing, testing, fitness-for-purpose, and acceptance of composite piping components form various suppliers Client project representation at Manufacturer or Job Sites Engineering Drawings covering Alignment Sheets, Isometric generation and mark-up, Spool Sheets, and Shop Floor Production Drawings.

  • Prefabrication

    A shop fabricated, or pre-fabricated, piping system is delivered to the Client as assemblies or “spools” of pipes and fittings bonded together by shop joints. Fittings, such as flanges, elbows, reducers, tees, and saddles are joined to the pipe in the shop forming these spools that match the routing of the pipeline in the field. Supply of prefabricated spools has many advantages as the end result is a more cost-effective fabrication and erection of the piping system. Often 50-90% of all joints can be performed in the shop at a faster rate and at a lower cost when compared to field joints.

  • Installation

    Turk Delta Site Services team provides professional on-site composite piping installation, inspection, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, and retrofitting. Our dynamic team is equipped and capable of deploying to any location some of which are the GCC, Middle East, Europe and North & East Africa both onshore and offshore sites. Turk Delta Site Services Department executed Fiberglass pipe installations for various markets covering Infrastructure & Municipal, Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Marine & Offshore segments.

  • Maintenance

    TurkDelta provides regular inspection of piping systems that allows monitoring the health of the piping system and the conditions of its components. This enables the identification of possible failure locations for immediate repair or replacement thus protecting Clients from expensive unplanned shutdowns and repairs. ​​Long- and short-term maintenance and service contracts are available providing regular inspection activities covering composite piping and pipeline installations. Our Site Services team employs traditional industry standard as well as advanced inspection and NDT methods to assess the health of the piping system.

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